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The finest restaurants in the world are Chef owned and operated. The same principal applies to catering companies.

Great News!...Atlanta Catering Concepts is Chef owned and operated but there is so much more....

We have created a culinary alliance with numerous Metro Atlanta and North Georgia restaurants .So, for the first time ever and anywhere, you have an amazing and eclectic variety of traditional and new world cuisines to fit all of your needs and desires.

A Cultural thing ...We can help you with Weddings, Birthdays, Celebrations and Special Events- pleasing your guests with authentic and amazing flavors found all over the world. All this matched with the perfect educated support team whom promptly  understands your special needs for any type of event.

When it comes to great food, Atlanta has it all ...and we bring it all to you!

Atlanta Catering Concepts, Inc.
Phone 770-887-6994

NOTE: New Website in progress...please forgive our mess!
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